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Using our clever tech to scan your fresh produce is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Add a bit of magic to your shop

Scanning your fresh produce is easy, fast and convenient. It's even a little bit fun! There's no annoying search menu, so touchpoints are minimised.
Download your store's mobile checkout app on your phone, head to the fresh produce aisle in your local store, and follow these 3 steps:

1. Place your item

Place your fruit or vegetables on the scale

2. Confirm your choice

Select your item or confirm the produce selection

3. Scan the barcode

Add the item to your virtual shopping cart

Did you know, our produce recognition is in 6 Countdown stores in New Zealand and 35 Woolworths stores across Australia?

Smart features to make your life easier


The technology is clever, but's it's not complicated — just follow the prompts on the screen

speed up the checkout icon


Identifies fresh produce fast — skip the frustrating lookup menu and save time


Predictions are accurate, so you don't need to remember what variety you picked

Give fast, fuss-free shopping a try!

Check out our product recognition in-store and see how much time you could save. Tiliter's AI Scales are conveniently located in the produce aisle at 35 Woolworths stores around Australia and 6 Countdown stores in New Zealand.