Fast and accurate product recognition Scales

Scan&Go and Print&Go Scales

Tiliter Scales

Tiliter offers an end-to-end product identification solution in supermarkets. Improve your productivity, reduce fraud and shrinkage, and offer your customers a seamless checkout experience, with no frustrating lookup menus.

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Our computer vision tech accurately identifies objects without barcodes

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Tiliter scales recognise items in bags or loose and can identify bag type

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Instant recognition

Tiliter Vision software recognises objects and produce items in under 10ms.

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Without lookup menus, shoppers select items or print the barcode with one touch.


Scan&Go Scales

An all-in-one scale that automatically weighs and identifies your products. The product recognition software presents a barcode that encodes your store’s specific item information that you can use with existing scan and go mobile applications

Product features

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