Advanced AI scales for supermarkets

Tiliter Retail Scan&Go and Print&Go scales automatically weigh and identify products without barcodes. Scan the barcode shown onscreen with your scan and go mobile app or print off for scanning at checkout.

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Give your customers a better way to shop

Tiliter Retail Scales offer an end-to-end product identification solution for retailers. Improve your productivity, reduce fraud and shrinkage, and offer shoppers a seamless checkout experience. No frustrating lookup menus. Fewer onscreen touch-points to keep shoppers safe

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Accurate predictions

Our computer vision tech accurately identifies 100s of items without barcodes

Bag detection

Tiliter Scales recognise items in bags or loose, and can identify bag type

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Instant recognition

Tiliter's computer vision recognises objects and produce items in under 10ms

Organics detection

Can differentiate between organic and non-organic produce

Smart Scan&Go Scales

An all-in-one scale that automatically weighs and identifies your products. The product recognition software presents a barcode that encodes your store’s specific item information that you can use with existing scan and go mobile applications

Convenient Print&Go Scales

The Print&Go Scale instantly identifies products and presents a barcode onscreen. Shoppers simply print the barcode label, attach it to their item and scan it at the checkout. The system can print a variety of barcodes with any information from your database, such as price and ingredients

Explore our Product Features

Organic detection

Tiliter's scales can differentiate between organic and non-organic products

Bag detection

Can identify any type of bag and apply a tare only if bag is used

Prevents fraud

Prevents incorrect product selection to mitigate fraud


Identifies products in under 200ms, no more frustrating lookup menus


The technology even works without a constant internet connection


Predictions returned at 95% accuracy on 100s of products, even through bags

Device control

Easily manage your Tiliter device through our portal


Our model works out of the box, no training needed

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A better customer experience

With fast recognition of 100s of products, your shoppers get to skip the frustrating lookup menu, scan their shopping items seamlessly and checkout without the hassle.

Prevent fraud from misidentification

Our Scales prevent incorrect product selection to mitigate fraud. If a customer or cashier tries to override a prediction manually, we offer a fraud prevention feature which provides the floor manager with a silent warning.

Detect bags to manage tare

Our software can identify if a bag is used, giving you the option to apply tare weight when a bag is used. It identifies items through different bags such as paper with clear windows, clear or green plastic and reusable nets.

Detect organic products to prevent shrink

Tiliter can differentiate between your organic and non-organic products. So you don't lose money on misidentified items.

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