Smart scales for supermarkets

Improved in-store operations and a more convenient checkout for customers. Everyday retail tech, for everyone.

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Do retail better with a faster, easier, more eco-friendly shop


Remove queueing
Increase customers served
Reduce customer waiting time


Reduce fraud
Identify organics
Automatically tare bags  


Lower customer turnover  Reduce abandoned carts
Offer a more hygienic shop


Reduce plastic packaging
Reduce waste by correctly ordering produce items

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How do the scales work?

Our retail scale automatically weighs and identifies products without barcodes.
The product recognition software presents a barcode onscreen with your store’s specific item information that you can scan with existing scan and go mobile applications.

Choose our Printer Scale for the same accurate, automatic produce identification, plus the option to print the barcode. Simply attach the barcode sticker to your item and scan with your phone or at checkout.

The scale recognises items in less than 200ms. It’s faster than conventional scales, saving shoppers time and reducing lines at the checkout for better store formatting.

Reduce plastic and waste to be kinder to the environment

Our smart scale recognises produce without barcodes, so supermarkets can reduce the plastic wrapping used for identifying fruits and vegetables. With accurate identification, you can keep your inventory up to date and prevent waste.

Reduce shrink with organics detection

Prevent intentional and unintentional theft (shrinkage) in your supermarket. Tiliter Retail Scales detect organic produce and present the correct item for scanning, meaning less profit loss from misidentification of cheaper items.

Save money with bag detection

With optional bag detection, you can automatically tare the bag weight on the right transactions, instead of every transaction Get analytics on waste and find new ways to reduce it. Our tech can also detect different bag types.

Prevent fraud, reduce theft

The scale can be set up to alert staff when items are manually changed when the AI algorithm is confident on its prediction. It can also identify non-produce items like wallets, phones, photos, and barcoded items to tackle intentional theft.

Easy device management

Our device management portal is easy to use and has online management capabilities. Get remote support and remote updates, wherever your store is located. And access rich data and analytics to improve your operations.

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