Solving retail's biggest problems

Tiliter computer vision products help reduce shrinkage and fraud, automate retail processes, improve efficiency and offer shoppers a better experience.

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Revolutionary retail tech for supermarkets

Increased efficiency and productivity, loss and fraud prevention, and process automation for your business. A faster, more convenient shop with reduced touch-points and less frustration for your shoppers. That's Tiliter.


Quickly identifies fresh produce without barcodes and works with scan & go apps

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Mobile Recognition

Recognises and weighs objects fast and accurately in the palm of your hand

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Checkout and Scale Retrofit

Seamless integration with your existing hardware for a more convenient checkout

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Custom Artificial Intelligence software solutions with limitless applications

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Like Scan&Go, plus the ability to print barcode labels to attach to produce

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In-store detection

In-store Detection

Detect patterns in queues, on the shop floor, in your stock bins and at the checkout

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Tiliter enhances your processes and transforms the customer experience

Detects organics to prevent loss

Our computer vision can differentiate between organic and non-organic products. So you don't lose profit through misidentification of cheaper products.

Prevents fraud from misidentification

Prevents incorrect product selection to mitigate fraud. If a customer or cashier tries to override a prediction manually, we offer a fraud prevention feature which provides the floor manager with a silent warning.

Detects bags to manage tare

Our software can identify if a bag is used, so you have the option of only applying a tare if the item is in a bag. Identifies items through different bags such as paper with clear windows, clear or green plastic and reusable nets.

Comes pre-trained to save you time

Our model works out-of-the-box, with no in-store category training needed. So you get up and running faster, ready to transform the shopping experience.

Advanced computer vision for the ultimate retail experience


Identifies products in under 200ms - no more frustration using lookup menus at the supermarket checkout.

Bag Detection

Computer vision for retail that identifies any type of bag and apply a tare if a bag is used by the shopper in store.

Prevents Fraud

Tiliter Retail's technology prevents fraud. Supermarket shoppers are prevented from selecting the incorrect product.


The AI model differentiates between organics and non-organics meaning shoppers don't need to lookup items.

Device Control

Supermarket Managers and Retail leaders can easily manage their Tiliter device through an intuitive online portal.


Our devices predict produce returning an impressive 95% accuracy on hundreds of products, even through bags.

Safe and Contactless

Fewer onscreen touch-points offer a more hygienic and contactless checkout experience for supermarket shoppers.

Pre-Trained AI

Our model works out-of-the-box, without any training needed. Making checkouts and shopping smarter instantly.

Reporting and analytics

Easily manage your Tiliter device through our online portal. Get detailed analytics, including plastic usage, accuracy, usage rate and produce purchased, helping you to get the best out of your device.

Custom integration