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We work alongside a range of retail POS providers and resellers, delivering the latest advances in product recognition and in-store detection, and a variety of identification applications to supermarkets globally.
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The benefits of Tiliter retail identification products

When you install Tiliter software and hardware computer vision products in your store, you get all the benefits of flexible and accurate object identification, plus, you can offer your customers just what they've come to expect — a fast, convenient checkout experience.

  • Cut down checkout time with fast object identification
  • Get rid of confusing and frustrating search menus
  • Remove the option to select the incorrect item for shoppers and cashiers
  • Our scales work without barcodes so you can reduce plastic and packaging
Hear from Dr. Christian Toelg, VP of Business Development, Future Proof Retail
   "The Tiliter scale is the only product on the market that solves all issues... It is convenient: The customer places the product on the scale and scans the barcode shown on the scale screen. The process is the same as for packaged products... It eliminates human errors: The scale detects the product; there is no room for customer errors... It does not require daily maintenance as no paper is involved."