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Powerful product recognition tech on any mobile device

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The future of mobile recogntion today

Integrate into existing scan and go solutions or native applications and transform the shopping experience

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Cost effective

Use mobile recognition tech in any store, without costly IT infrastructure

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Fast identification

Scan, weigh and pay on your mobile device.
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Tiliter computer vision has up to 95% accuracy rate and can identify 100s of products

Tiliter mobile recognition is at the cutting edge of computer vision technology. Use this tech to identify retail objects accurately and fast, on mobile and hand-held scanners. Get the information you need in the palm of your hand.

Advanced mobile recognition in your hand

Product Features

Organic detection
Organic detection

Can identify if an organic marking is present and display the correctly priced item

Fruit inside the bag
Bag detection

Identifies if any type of bag is used to help manage tare and tracks plastic usage in-store

Prevents fraud

Prevents incorrect product selection to mitigate fraud and reduce shrink


Fast product identification with no frustrating look-up menu


The technology works without a constant internet connection


Predictions up to 95% accuracy, even through transparent bags

Device control

Device management, rich data and analytics including fraud, plastics & customer experience


Includes set of identifiable products, removing the need for in-store training

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