Tiliter AI Checkout Solutions for supermarkets

A smoother, more convenient checkout, powerful transaction metadata, less manual PLU entry.

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Adopt world-leading AI tech without major capital investment or infrastructure changes


Save time on manually entering non-barcoded items | Spend more time with customers


Reduce fraud | Identify bags and organic markings | Save on staff training


More accurate, less effort | Smoother, faster, more convenient checkout


Reduce plastic packaging | Reduce waste by correctly ordering produce items

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Transform your Checkout or POS

Tiliter’s computer vision automatically identifies products without barcodes. The item identification software makes it faster and easier to enter non-barcoded items, so your cashiers can focus more of their time on customer engagement.

With less manual entry of PLU, the check out process is more accurate with less effort.

Current supported scanners: Datalogic 9800i, Datalogic 9400i and NCR7878

Ready for integration into your existing POS/SCO software

Advanced AI for everyone

We've removed the cost barriers, enabling retailers to adopt our revolutionary technology in-store without major capital investment or major infrastructure changes. Talk to us about subscription packages.

Get rid of bag taring costs

With optional bag detection, you can automatically tare the bag weight on the right transactions, instead of every transaction. Get analytics on waste and find new ways to reduce it. Our tech can also detect different bag types.

A better self-checkout experience

Tiliter's technology removes the need for long look-up menus at self-serve scales giving your customers a more satisfying, smoother checkout experience, with fewer touch-points.

The improved accuracy also removes the opportunity for fraud.

Powerful data at your fingertips

Tiliter AI Checkout Solutions give you automated access to unique data at the checkout, such as bag usage and types, product markings (such as organics), and fraud assessment.

Use this transaction metadata to better your transaction accuracy and create an awesome customer experience.

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