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Flexible retrofit options that work with your existing checkouts

Flexible retrofit options to cut down checkout time

Use Tiliter software to retrofit your existing scales or checkouts. The powerful product identification technology is flexible and can be integrated into most self-serve checkout and POS systems in the world.

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Tiliter software identifies products in under 100ms. Offer customers a faster way to check out

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Checkout operators don't need to remember endless SKU and PLU codes, Tiliter recognises items accurately, reducing fraud

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Tiliter's checkout retrofit is compatible with most POS systems in the world, so it's accessible for all your stores

hardware and software integration

Checkout and self-serve scale retrofit system

Tiliter's software and hardware products are extremely flexible. They can be retrofitted to your existing scales or checkouts with the Tiliter Processor and Camera so you're up and running fast. The powerful product identification technology can be integrated into most POS systems in the world, it's accessible and easy to deploy.

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