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Flexible retrofit options for a more convenient checkout

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A range of retrofit options to make the checkout more efficient

Retrofit Tiliter software and hardware to your existing self-serve scales or checkout. The powerful product identification tech integrates into most self-serve checkout and POS systems to offer a seamless checkout for shoppers and cashiers.

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Fast item identification

Tiliter software identifies products in under 10ms. Offer customers and cashiers a faster way to check out

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Accurate and smart

No need to remember endless SKU and PLU codes, Tiliter recognises items accurately

Flexible integration

Tiliter's accessible checkout retrofit is compatible with most POS systems in the world

Checkout and self-serve scale retrofit system

Tiliter's software and hardware products are flexible. They can be retrofitted to your existing scales or checkouts so you're up and running fast and seeing efficiencies from day one. Our product identification tech can be integrated into most POS systems in the world — it's accurate, accessible and easy to deploy.

Product Features

Organic detection

Tiliter's scales can differentiate between organic and non-organic products

Bag detection

Can identify any type of bag and apply a tare only if bag is used

Prevents fraud

Prevents incorrect product selection to mitigate fraud


Identifies products in under 10ms, no more frustrating lookup menus


The technology works without a constant internet connection


Predictions returned at 95% accuracy on 100s of items even through bags

Device control

Easily manage your Tiliter device through our online portal


Our model works out of the box, no training needed

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hardware and software integration

Seamless integration

Our camera and processor integrates seamlessly with any existing POS and checkout system. Our pre-trained processor means you're up and running fast.

Detects organic products

Tiliter can differentiate between your organic and non-organic products. So you don't lose money on misidentified items.

Detects bags to manage tare

Our software can identify any type of bag and apply a tare weight only if a bag is used. Identifies items through different bags such as paper with a clear window, clear or green plastic and reusable netting.

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