How our customers with our global partners are tackling retailers biggest problems

With the help of our global partners, Retail Data Systems (RDS), Bizerba and GAP, brick-and-mortar retailers are tackling their biggest problems. Like shrinkage, which cost retailers $61.7 billion in 2019*. Shrinkage is caused by a combination of factors, including fraud at self-checkouts and misidentification of items. By adding Tiliter Retail’s clever computer vision software to your existing hardware through our resellers, you can be confident that shoppers and cashiers can’t select the wrong item, whether intentionally or not.

There are 40,460** grocery stores in the US alone. That’s a lot of competition. If your customers have a less than optimal experience at the checkout, they have plenty of other store options. So, if you can make the checkout as smooth and painless as possible, you’ll keep your customers coming back for more. Tiliter Retail’s product recognition tech is fast. It identifies grocery produce in under 10ms, so the scanning produce is quick, and there’s no need for shoppers or cashiers to search through lengthy category menus or remember 100s of PLUs.

With loss and fraud in check, and a fast checkout as part of the everyday shopper experience, it’s understandable that large global retailers are getting smart to the fact that they can use AI to improve efficiencies in-store. Plus, they can offer their customers a checkout experience that keeps them loyal and satisfied. Is it time you did the same?

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