Australian self-checkouts get up to speed with local product recognition tech

Tiliter’s computer vision powered product identification tech makes fast, convenient and queue-free shopping the norm. Working with Australia POS reseller GaP, a local supermarket has integrated Tiliter’s tech into their self-serve checkouts, offering their customers the most advanced way to shop.  

By integrating Tiliter’s technology into Toshiba’s Self-Checkout hardware, shoppers can quickly scan all their items in one place, without the need for lengthy alphabetical search menus. Tiliter’s software seamlessly integrates with most self-serve checkouts and POS (point of sale) systems.

The software recognises hundreds of items without barcodes in under a second, including favourite varieties of apples, tomatoes, other fresh produce, bakery goods, and organics. The clever AI technology helps supermarkets prevent theft from incorrectly chosen items.

Self-service checkouts are popular in Australia. A survey* of multiple countries found 90% of respondents had used self-checkouts, with Australia and Italy leading the way. And their popularity soared during COVID, as more shoppers looked for more hygienic ways to shop with less person-to-person interaction and fewer touchpoints.

Tiliter’s computer vision and AI technology meet the demand from Australian supermarkets who are looking to embrace innovative technology to make shopping easier and faster for customers.  

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* The Conversation – The economics of self-service checkouts