Advanced AI scales and seamless checkout solutions for supermarkets

Offer shoppers a more satisfying experience and streamline the checkout process – Tiliter Retail AI is a better way to retail

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AI scales and checkouts for supermarkets in store
In-store detection

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Give your shoppers a better supermarket experience with smart retail tech

Tiliter Retail’s revolutionary AI solutions for supermarkets use computer vision to automatically identify products without barcodes — like fruit and veg.  
Our smart scales and POS integration products reduce loss and fraud, make your processes more efficient and give your shoppers a faster, fuss-free checkout experience

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Advanced supermarket scales

Smart Scan&Go Scale

Identify and weigh products automatically — scan the barcode onscreen with your scan and go mobile app.

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Convenient Print&Go Scale

Print the barcode sticker with one touch and place the sticker on the product for a faster checkout

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Seamless supermarket retrofits

Tiliter Checkout, POS and SCO Retrofits

Add our software and hardware to your existing scales or checkout for a more efficient checkout.

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Checkout and POS

Operational efficiency

Custom Integration

Streamline your staff management, keep track of stock levels and automate endless in-store processes.

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Smart mobile product recognition

Mobile Recognition

Identify retail objects and weight accurately and fast, and get the information you need in the palm of your hand.

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mobile recognition

In-store pattern detection

In-Store Detection

Detect customer and staff patterns across your store, helping increase productivity and manage staff and stock more efficiently.

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“The scales are great, the produce recognition is fantastic!”  
Samantha, Store Manager, Woolworths Mona Vale


“Tiliter’s varied 'optical recognition' approach means time-starved customers are no longer frustrated during the product labelling process. Retailers benefit additionally from unprecedented variety-specific accuracy that aids inventory and profit control”  
Joe Cabral, Retail Consultant Bizerba

Supermarket shoppers

"As a Scan & Go user myself, the scales are responsive and are great to use!"
Brad, Store Manager, Countdown Ponsonby

Our trusted partners

Improve efficiencies in-store with innovative retail tech

speed up the checkout icon
Speed up the checkout

Identify and select items up to 15x faster than normal manual processes

Accurate predictions icon
Get accurate predictions

Predictions returned at 95% accuracy on 100s of products, and organics — even through bags

Detects products in bags

Works without barcodes or packaging and identifies if a bag is used

Customer experience icon
Customer experience

Checkout faster with no frustrating search menus. Fewer onscreen touchpoints to keep shoppers safe

Prevents fraud

Reduce fraud and shrinkage with no option to select an incorrect item

Accessible icon

Our pre-trained devices work without a constant internet connection

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Tiliter locations

US retailers get competitive with smarter, cost-effective checkout tech

Ridley's in North America now offer customers produce recognition tech integrated with its self-checkouts (SCO) for a more streamlined experience.

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Checkout convenience the name of the game, for Panda’s 106m customers

Our Print&Go Scale is empowering Panda customers in Saudi Arabia to check out faster, avoid long queues and keep socially distanced. Learn how tech can make a difference.

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Efficiency the driving force, as Euro grocers get technical

Tiliter computer vision offers retailers the best way to improve greater efficiency, and supermarket chains in Europe are taking notice.

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