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Tiliter uses powerful hardware and software computer vision products to automate your retail processes.

Give your shoppers the ultimate checkout experience.

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Scan&Go Scale

Identify and weigh products automatically with Tiliter’s all-in-one Scan&Go Scale. The system displays a barcode onscreen that your customers can scan with their scan and go mobile app. No more frustrating search menus.

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Print&Go Scale

The Print&Go Scale identifies products and displays a barcode onscreen. Customers print the barcode sticker with one touch and place the sticker on the product. Scan the barcode at checkout for a faster shopping experience

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Tiliter Checkout and POS Retrofit

Tiliter software and hardware can be retrofitted to your existing scales or checkouts. Our powerful product identification technology can be integrated into most POS systems in the world to offer a faster, more efficient checkout.

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Checkout and POS

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

Use Tiliter custom integration to detect patterns on the shop floor or at the checkout. Streamline your staff management, keep track of stock levels and automate endless in-store processes.

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Mobile Recognition

Mobile Recognition

Tiliter mobile recognition is at the very edge of computer vision technology. This tech identifies retail objects and weight accurately and fast, giving you the information you need in the palm of your hand.

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mobile recognition

In-Store Detection

In-Store Detection

Our software and hardware products detect customer and staff patterns across your store, helping increase productivity and manage staff and stock more efficiently.

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Offer your customers a faster, more convenient checkout experience

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World-leading computer vision technology

speed up the checkout icon
Speed up the checkout

Identify and select items up to 15x faster than normal manual processes

Accurate predictions icon
Get accurate predictions

Predictions returned at 95% accuracy, even through bags. Detects organics.

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Detects products in bags

Works without barcodes or packaging and identifies if a bag is used

Customer experience icon
Customer experience

Reduce fraud and shrinkage with no option to select an incorrect item

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Prevents fraud

Reduce fraud and shrinkage with no option to select an incorrect item

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Our pre-trained devices work without a constant internet connection

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